Keeping up a Social Media presence requires that you have something ready to share at regular intervals and keeping your audience interested will require sharing a variety of content. You may not realize it, but as an expert, you already have an abundance of resources you should be sharing with your audience. So, if you haven’t already, start putting together a list of content assets that you can share with others. Consider the VITAL categories for taking inventory – we’ve included a few samples of each category to help inspire your own thought process:


  • Instruction / Informational
  • Marketing / Offer
  • Conference / Networking Event Clips
  • Production Site Visit


  • Team Headshots
  • Product Screenshots
  • Team Meetings / Outings
  • Client Logos


  • Archived Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Brochures or Forms
  • Presentations / Slides


  • Podcast
  • Interview
  • Background music produced for the videos


  • External / Partner Resources
  • Blog Articles that Mentions / Features you

Once you’ve started an inventory of each asset identify wether or not that asset is ready for sharing or if it needs some tweaking (adding a logo, changing some slides, resizing the image, etc) and make sure to make time for that activity that gets it ready before it’s scheduled social media appearance.

So, have you already filled an inventory list while reading this article? What other content items did you discover in your own inventory that we didn’t list above?  Are there other content categories we’ve missed?