Previously, we presented an option to schedule an hour of Social Media that could generate up to 24 interactions in one week. Then we showed you Three Reasons to extend Tweets for your Blog Entries.  Today, we’re giving you another 24 new ways to interact on Social Media that can help fill your extended tweet schedule!

Your posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter do not need to be as long as a blog article… in fact, Twitter makes sure it isn’t by limiting you to 144 characters for every tweet. However, you can showcase that blog article one idea, perspective or angle at a time and have a variety of posts to present that same article with. Here are 24 examples using THIS blog article as the target for each post:

  1. Announce It: Our Latest Insight: 24 Social Media Posts for One Blog Article
  2. Teach: Learn 24 different ways to drive more traffic to each blog article
  3. Inform: Insights on how to create 24 Social Media Posts for One Blog Article
  4. Motivate: Drive more traffic to one blog article 24 different ways
  5. Entertain: Cloning your tweets could bore others to Deathstar. Here are 24 other Social Media posts for your blog.
  6. Ask A QuestionHave you seen our new insight? 24 Social Media Posts from One Blog Article
  7. Include a profile: In our latest insight, CEO @karizmatic shows 24 different Social Media Posts from One Blog Article
  8. Include an image (or the cross-section or a new angle of the original image)
  9. Use a hashtag: This #socialmedia technique shows you 24 ways to drive more traffic to one blog article
  10. Call out to a specific audience: Attention: #bloggers! See how 24 Social Media Posts can drive more traffic to your blog
  11. Call out a specific profession: #entrepreneurs – here are 24 ways to use Social Media to showcase each blog article.
  12. Personal: Here are 24 ways to use Social Media to drive more traffic to your #smallbusiness blog that you work so hard to produce.
  13. Industry-Theme: #marketing tip: 24 Different Social Media posts can drive more traffic to one blog article. Here’s how
  14. Geography: Blogging to attract customers in #hongkong and #london? Here are 24 ways to use Social Media to give it a boost
  15. Choose a Calendar Theme: 24 Social Media posts to share your #smallbusinessweek blog article with your audience
  16. Mention the social media channel you’re using: 24 ways to drive traffic from Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn to each blog article with this technique
  17. Mention a Partner or a Collaborator: when you miss the first post @cjhayden makes about a @getclientsnow insight, doesn’t it help that she does it more often? here are 24 ways you can too
  18. Mention an Industry Leader: extend @guykawasaki’s twitter posting technique with 24 social media post variations for the same blog article.
  19. Mention an Influencer: talk about your blog article 24 different ways on social media. how many times do you do it @smexaminer?
  20. Mention a Product: 24 ways to fill your @hootsuite calendar from the same blog article.
  21. Brand perspective: 24 #socialmedia posts for one blog article that won’t make your feed look overtaken by robots. (or, that would, if that’s what you’re into)
  22. Lifestyle perspective: 24 Social Media posts that will turn your blog into a social butterfly.
  23. Mention Your Community (Virtual or Real Life): #Smallbusiness #entrepreneurs need all the help driving attention to their business. Here are 24 ways to do it with #socialmedia
  24. Recall it: Remember when we wrote about the 24 #socialmedia posts you could write about the same blog article?

Do any of them look familiar? The examples included are the posts we created to tell you about this article and are rotating through our schedule … Did you happen to catch them on Facebook,  Twitter or LinkedIn? How many did you see before you clicked on one?