intelligent social media campaign management for content marketers

Champaign makes it easy for your brand to create targeted social media campaigns so you can grow audience engagement and drive more traffic to your online content.

We’ve taken the time-consuming guesswork out of measuring individual channel analytics against industry benchmarks and automated the process of building optimized campaign templates for each channel that you can use for every campaign.

Our next-level content organization empowers you to fill your social gaps with traffic-driving campaigns and c
ustomizable views on your future feed makes it easy to continuously refine campaigns as you go.


Use champaign for your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels for just $15/month. We’ll even give you the first 30 days to try it for free.


Are you ready to drive more traffic to your content?




More Traffic for Your Content

You’re a content machine! You generate content every week: blog posts, videos, podcasts, and events. Yet sixty-three percent (63%) of you say driving traffic to your content is your #1 problem. That's because you're missing exposure to audiences when you don't share...

24 Social Media Posts from One Blog Article

Previously, we presented an option to schedule an hour of Social Media that could generate up to 24 interactions in one week. Then we showed you Three Reasons to extend Tweets for your Blog Entries.  Today, we're giving you another 24 new ways to interact on Social...